Thursday, 8 January 2009

Valentines Cards

How do you fancy doing something rather amazing?

Pat at The Rubber Maid is involved with a project called Cards 4 Kids where children at her local hospital are given cards either by the staff at the hospital or to send out themselves.

For this coming Valentine's Day Pat has been asked to provide a lot of Valentines cards, however Pat has decided to make 1000! I am sure that I could never make a thousand cards, indeed, I don't think that I would ever make that many during my lifetime even though the Christmas cards do mount up rather!!

If you go and visit Pat's blog you will see that she needs cards that are not signed inside, just lots of beautiful handmade cards that can be distributed to the kids. Even if we all just make ten or even five then that will go a long way to helping pat.

Oh, the original post about this challenge can be found here, although there is plenty more information about the 1000 card project elsewhere on The Rubber Maid - get cracking!! ;-)

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