Saturday, 3 January 2009


As I am still away from my craft room, all the recent challenges are stacking up!!!

But that leads me to do I choose which challenge to do? Indeed, with all the various challenges out there how do YOU choose which challenge to do?

If I attempted to do all the ones that I could find I am sure that I would not have any spare time left at all!! So, I need to pick and choose my challenges carefully, but at the same time not just pick the ones that I can do with without stretching myself and learning new skills for my card making.

What's the best way to pick one? Can anyone tell me!?

By the way, I have a post on my other blog about One World One Heart - do go and read if you are curious!!

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Hayley said...

Have you popped over to In Love With Stamping? they have some fabby challenges - sorry thats not really helping you as I know you wanted to have less to choose from not more - Soz