Tuesday, 6 January 2009

A card!!

Woohoo, believe it or not, I actually made a card tonight!

I needed a thinking of you card, and so I rummaged around to find a sketch that I thought I could work with and came across the Card Positioning Systems (CPS!) where the following sketch is currently running....


I turned the sketch to the side and worked with it that way, and came up with this.....

thinking of you

Perhaps it's me, but I am not so taken with this card. But then I find that the more I work on a card the less I like the end product because I have been fiddling about with it for so long. I am, however, pleased with the stamping that I did because I usually stamp in black and colour in, but this time I stamped using different colours and using the See-Ds morsels (the spring time collection) and I am particularly fond of the border that I managed to create!! When I look at the card now, I actually think that it would have been better without the sentiment at the bottom, but hey - you live and learn!


Hayley said...

lovely stamping and a true beauty of a card! Take another look tomorrow and I bet you like it more. Sometimes we just need to sleep on it and re evaluate the next day with fresh eyes.

Lea L. said...

Cute card! Thanks for playing at CPS this past week!