Wednesday, 18 November 2009


It’s another Wednesday and unfortunately not a good Wednesday for me as I have been to the dentist today – got a filling done and now the tooth is very painful.  But less about me and more about  my workdesk!!  (for more messy desks go and visit Stamping Ground!)
This is a very honest picture of my desk – no pre-tidying or anything – I simply finished three cards (green stamped holly leaves with red buttons for berries!) and then grabbed my camera!  It certainly makes me realise what a clutter I usually end up working in and my actual work space gets smaller and smaller the longer I go before tidying up!!

Anyway, last week a couple of people asked what was in that red basket in the top right hand corner of my desk….this red basket…
Well, it contains various bit and pieces to do with Christmas – you know what I mean – the freebies that we get from magazines…
Or just the off cuts that I think that I might use later (not that I usually do!! ;-)  )
By the way – please could you help someone win £10 to spend?  It might be me, but I am not going to tell you which picture is mine, as I don’t want to prejudice the vote, so you will make someone’s day if not necessarily mine!  Go and visit Something Sweet and vote for your favourite card!


Susie Sugar said...

Oh lots going on here today Sam , lovely cards and loads of stash
I hope your tooth does't give you to much pain tonight and you feel better soon
Hugs Susie xx

Emma Lockley said...

me again : )
you call that messy??? Lol
Good luck with your stampers 6 challenge card honey, im just popping there now to see how things are going.

your order is packaged up and ready for the post office in the morning !


Linda Elbourne said...

I hope your tooth is feeling a bit better now ... I hate the dentist! I shall pop over and vote now ... Good Luck!

Kaz said...

Very productive desk there Sam.
Hope the tooth feels better tomorrow x

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah a nice busy may have lots on it, but it's not messy with stray tape peelings and embossing powder grit
and such. man I'm such a slob!
Love the cards..and love the idea of a stash of christmassy bits in that lovely red basket!

Pam said...

Hi hon sorry the dentist did not go well today. If your desk is anything to go by you've been very busy. Hugs Pam x

Angie said...

A well used desk lol love the little holly cards. I voted idea which was yours though. Good Luck

Wipso said...

Fab craft space. Love your red basket full of goodies. Thanks for dropping in on me :-) A x

Deanne said...

that looks a very christmas filled productive desk :)

Ann said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope the toothache is getting better.
I love that red basket and the contents too! My guillotine is by Fiskars - it's excellent but is only the A6 size, the larger size would be better. However, it's one of the first things I bought when I started crafting and it is still really sharp and never cuts a wonky line!

Lynette said...

How fun to show a picture of your desk! I have a big table and often have just a teeny tiny space to work! It's amazing to me how quickly a tidy work area can become one big disaster:)