Sunday, 1 November 2009

Stampers Six Club

Hi everybody on this wet and windy and perfectly horrible morning - weather wise that is - everything else is lovely, I am cosy indoors with the cat running around and I have plenty of chocolate left over from yesterday's trick or treaters!

Anyway, the point of this email is that a crafty blogger I met the other day at Hayley's open house is also a Stampin' Up devotee and she is trying to gather enough people to make up a Stampers Six Club.

If you don't know what this is, I will attempt to explain - six people get together (online via the Milly Moo Cards blog!) and commit to spending £25 each month (for six months) on Stampin Up products and what this means that each month there is a "hostess" who gets an extra £15 worth of products and their choice of the level one hostess goodies.

There are other people who could explain this better than me!! In any case - go and have a look at the Milly Moo Cards blog and all will become clear - I have signed up, but we need more people to make up the full six so that we can all benefit!!!


Milly Moo Cards said...

Thank you so much for this Sam. Lets hope we get it full soon and can start the club going. Love Terri XX

Milliesmarvels said...

Hi Sam,

I bought my magnetic tape in John Lewis in Reading it was £1.25 per pack. I think Elzybells have some as well.