Monday, 16 November 2009

Craft Club

Tonight was the first evening of what the local craft club (mostly card making!) and it’s early days yet so I hope that more people eventually turn up!! There were only three of us tonight including Hayley who is running the club.

Still, the fact that there were only two people in attendance meant that we had the time to make something rather special in the form of this gorgeous box and three cards that go inside. I had never made a box before so I was very pleased to be able to try making one!


Now that I’ve made one, I will most certainly make another one!


I also got to make my first shaker card as you can see from the above close up. The other two cards were fairly simple ones, although I did learn a new way of making a ribbon knot – one that I will definitely use again! I am sure that most of you are already familiar with the technique of tying the ribbon around something like a bottle and then cutting the knot apart to make a fairly flat open bow. It was the first that I’d seen this method anyway and I loved it!! (Thanks Hayley!!)



I am also quickly discovering that many card makers are also bloggers!! I got to meet Pam from Pam’s Space – also another regular on WOYWW!!

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Emma Lockley said...

hi sam, this is such a cute set of cards & perfectly put together. Its soooo cute! I hope the workshop builds up, it will trust me. I started with only 3 people a month now i have around 46 each month and thats just from word of mouth
love emma