Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Card Poll

A few weeks ago my first Stampin' Up order arrived from Emma and inside this order there was a challenge to create a card using a very specific set of items that she had sent along with the order! This was both easier and more difficult to do than expected - easier because I didn't have to choose the right colours, shapes, etc, but more difficult because if I went wrong then I was stuck!!

In any case, the point of this challenge was so that the Stampers Six group could all enter their card using the identical set in order to try and win a free £10 for our next order. So...my card is now on Emma's blog - Something Sweet - please could you go and have a look at the four cards that were submitted and vote on your favourite!!

I will not tell you which one is mine as I don't think that that is very fair as each card should be judged on merit rather that who made it!!! ;-) Please go and vote though cos you'll help make someone's day, if not necessarily mine!!

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