Monday, 14 September 2009

Tidying up

There are several reasons why I haven't made many cards this year, the main one being a terribly untidy person which means that I generally have to clear my desk before I can start again!! I really must clear away after each session otherwise I just wont bother.

In any case, one of the other reasons is that I just didn't know what paper I had to play with. The bulk of my paper was crammed into a box with no way for me to see what I had, with other bits of paper scattered about in smaller boxes and bags. Which meant that everytime I wanted to see what paper went with what design I ended up giving up because I wasn't getting anywhere. I was tidying up my crafts I decided to make better use of this little filling cabinet.


After all, it only held unimportant things like my birth certificate or bank details!! I knew that I'd kept a lot of junk, so I cleared it all out and shredded the stuff that I really didn't need so that I could keep all the essentials in a nifty little concertina folder (with a reminder to only keep what is strictly necessary and shred the rest - I mean, for goodness sake, I found paperwork relating to my first flatshare some 14 years ago!!).

All of which means that I now have the perfect place to keep my collection of paper as you can see from the photos below.



You can also see that Phoebe decided to get in on the act!!


Now that I am all tidied up I have begun to make cards again - it's my uncle's birthday this week so I am halfway through a card for him - will post a photo tomorrow.

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