Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Mojo Monday

Ok, so it’s Tuesday, but the Mojo Monday blog post goes up on Monday and we have all week to make a card that fits the Mojo sketch.

Anyhoo – this week’s sketch looks like this….


And my card looks like this…..


The making of the card was both easier and more difficult that I expected!! I know, I know, that’s a funny thing to say, but I bet that many of you out there have had the same experience. Anyway, the tea set (it could be coffee, but I prefer tea!) stamp was my first choice, particularly as I hadn’t used it yet, so it was a good opportunity.

Colouring it in was the next job, but dammit, I really really need Copics!!! ;-) Putting it all together was the hard bit, I just couldn’t decide what colours or patterns to use, but eventually I settled on the picture that you see above. Only……it was never meant to have that little half flower on the side. I need to practice sticking ribbon to paper as it went funny and ended up being a bit short, so I needed something to cover my mistake!! (I wonder just how many embellishments are mistake hiders!! ;-) )

Anyway, the result is what I think must be my most embellished card ever and I like it!


Gvendalen said...

So pretty card! Love image and colors.

Hayley said...

Lovely card - my embellishments are often cover ups too!