Sunday, 13 September 2009


It's about time I resurrected this blog!! I have neglected it terribly, along with my card making - I don't think that I have made more than five cards since the last time I posted. Which is not very good for the old inspiration as I find that the more I make the more I am inspired!

This time of year is always a good time for me to start thinking of cards again as Christmas really isn't all that far away when you know that you have a whole bunch of cards to make. Besides which, I am getting loads of ideas from all those fabulous blogs out there, and there are so many of them!!

If you are looking for beautiful cards you really need go no further than type in cards in the blog search section of google - I mean, there are truly thousands out there - I have over fifty of them in my feedreader, which does make it a bit difficult to keep up sometimes. Perhaps I had better start putting a few of my favourites in my sidebar so that you can get to see them too, but chances are that you already know about them!!

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Gvendalen said...

Good news, Sam! With return!