Saturday, 13 December 2008

Yet more blog candy

...and it's still not mine!!! This time it is from Wild Stamping Sprinkles and it ends next Tuesday! In addition to which, Spiral Whisper also has a give away going on!! (is there no end to such generosity amongst crafters? I must do one of my own one of these days otherwise I am going to look bad!!!)

I should say that there isn't much going on on this blog at the moment, but give me time!! I am just investigating which of the challenges I might like to do and there are so many of them out there that it is very very difficult to decide what to do!!!

Besides, I am just about to go and collect a little photographer's light box from the post office (it arrived yesterday) and it will help me take fab photos!! I did order one about a week ago but when it came it was MUCH too big, and I mean vast!! It is about 75 cms square and I just didn't quite compute how big it would be when I ordered it, ha ha!

This new one that I ordered is 30 cms square and will be perfect for photographing my cards and hopefully I wont get any shadows or fuzzy photographs anymore, but I need to experiment before I can confirm that that is indeed true!!

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