Saturday, 27 December 2008


...makes the heart grow fonder. Or rather in this case, suffer frustration! ha ha!

I am spending Christmas with my family and having a great time. However, that means that my craft room is about 150 miles away and although I brought my Big Shot down with me because I knew I was getting some Nestabilities, everything else is all tucked away in drawers and boxes and places that I just cannot access.

Which means that all the challenges that are stacking up in my feedreader are beginning to bug me because I cannot do a single thing about them. Not to mention that a quick visit to the local craft shop in the next town was thwarted because it was closed - arghhhh! Still, it looked like a nice shop (I haven't been there before) so I am hoping to be able to squeeze in a visit before I eventually go back home.

The thing is that all that this means is that I can't post any pretty pictures or tell you what I have been experimenting with. Still, at least the laptop is presently working, but it does do funny things.

From one crafter to another, I hope that you are not "stranded" away from your craft rooms!!

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