Monday, 5 October 2009

Funky snowman stamps

I made the mistake of visiting one of my local stamping shops the other day!!! Amongst all the bits and pieces I bought this rather cool build your own snowman set…

build snowman

So I was playing around with it and came up with this….


The background of this card comes from a small-ish snowflake block stamp that I stamped over and over and over (!) and I am rather pleased with how it looks.

I need to play around with it some more and find some lovely bloggy inspiration – I know that there is some out there – which is what I love about all those blogs out there as I can usually find some inspiration from someone who already has the stamp set that I have just bought!! In fact, I have just gone and had a rummage around and I now have lots more ideas although I am a bit disappointed that I just don't seem to have that creative spark that other people seem to have.


Adela said...

Hi! You had me stumped with your questions about my snowman card. I had made it so long ago, I had forgotten how I made it. After looking at it for a while, I finally remembered that the center of the scalloped circle is attached with a brad that I used as the top "button" on the snowman. I think I stamped the "heads" after the hole for the face was made. I hope that helps. Thanks for visiting me!


Silli said...

hello Sam, your card is very pretty, I love the colors! Great work! Happy day!

jelly said...

I really like your cards, you are very talented.

I'd like to try making some this holiday season.
Where's a good place to look to get started?

Anesha said...

Lovely card, love the background. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Anesha :-)