Thursday, 1 October 2009


I am just beginning to get cracking on my Christmas cards for this year. I do have a stack left over from last year, but I think that you can never have too many cards as I am sure that you will all no doubt agree!

Today I was playing around with this week’s sketch from the Card Positioning Sketch blog and I find that I am generally somewhat dissatisfied with my results.



I think that I have a lot to learn about what goes with what and what embellishments look good or how to just play round with what I have without getting overwhelmed by the choice!!

What I also find is that if I have played around with various combinations for too long then I end up not liking the final card because I was never quite happy with it at any point.

Oh well – no-one was ever an expert the first time around and I think that with hobbies like this it takes longer unless you have a knack for that kind of thing. At least I can have a lot of fun practicing; and I wonder whether the experts still occasionally make a card that they are not satisfied with.


jelly said...

i really like your cards.
you are very can make all my cards if you want for the holiday.

:-) wouldn't that be grand?

cute blog.

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