Monday, 2 February 2009

Blog Hop!

Hey - the Funky Fairies are having a blog hop for 24 hours where you can download some pretty papers and things!! Don't miss it, it ends at 9am tomorrow morning and if you are stuck at home with a snow day, then you should have time to do this!

Fortunately I am on a week's leave from work anyway - it is snowing here, but not enough to have a snow day!

Anyway...go and visit Hannah's Crafty Blog to get started on the Funky Fairy Love Train!!


Clare said...

Hey Sam, managed to get down to the post office, it's in my road but down a hill, that was fun! Had to go out anyway, it's the nearest place and we needed loo rolls, desperately! Say no more, lol. So I posted your candy!

Clare said...

Hi Sam, apparently it was the paths in the school grounds that are dangerous and icy but I don't know for sure, just what I heard. Oh well, we're having a nice time watching a dvd all snug in the duvet now. Have fun in the snow and take care, hugs Clare x

Clare said...

Hi Sam, there's something on my blog for you....Hope the weather is improving there. hugs Clare xx

Sam said...

oh dearie me - I really really must post more often if I get the same poor person (thanks Clare) commenting on the post because there is nowhere else to post!!

Sorry Clare!