Saturday, 7 February 2009

Bitty Dot Challenge

Capture the Moment is hosting a rather large Papertrey giveaway at the moment. In fact they are having a festival of celebrations at the moment with several giveaways over the last few days (and the coming few days!!)

I have not had much luck with the Papertrey giveaways at the moment, but that is probably because the powers that be KNOW that I am not actually making many cards at the moment!!

So...when I found the latest sketch challenge on Capture the Moment - (it's cool - you have to download a connect the dots thing in order to work out what the sketch is!!) - I decided that it was way past time to make a few cards!!


flowers 1


Those were the three cards that I threw together and I think that the only one I am not so keen on is the middle one as it needs more.....something. Anyhoo - if you'd like to put yourself in the running for what looks like the biggest stash of ribbon you'll ever see just go and visit Capture the Moment!


Dana said...

Wow. Three cards! I love simple cards and seeing your three reminds me why. They are quite eye-catching and the color combo is great.

Molly B said...

Your cards a ve so cute. And 3 of them, wow. Love the colors. -Molly B

Lynette said...

Pretty cards! I hope you win, but if YOU don't, I hope that I do! :)

Susan (rainy) said...

All three cards are lovely. I especially love the first one!