Saturday, 20 February 2010


I was well overdue for a rummage around blogland, in fact my blog reader was screaming at me to go through the thousands of posts that were patiently waiting to be read!
Of course…I found inspiration…firstly on My Stamping Addiction which gave me the idea for my nephew Tom’s birthday card….
And then on Clean and Simple for a birthday card for my future sister-in-law….
What surprised me most was that I whipped these two up in less than an hour – I was obviously in need of some creative time, even if I used someone else’s card to start me off!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Another WOYWW

…and this time I am actually making something – much to my surprise!  I am very very overdue with regards a couple of pay-it-forwards due to my agonising over what to make and so I thought that I had better get on with it…..Hayley is sure to recognise this particular project!


I am making  a notecard set complete with matching folder and I hope that my recipients will enjoy it!

The soap in the middle of the desk is not in case of ink spillage emergencies, but it is left over from the girls weekend just gone as I gave each of my visitors a bar of this soap, but made it special by using crafty bits to cover it up (again – a la Hayley!! Thanks Hayley – your craft sessions are really paying off!!)  This is what the soap bars looked like….


Anyhoo, don’t forget to go and visit the other desks – you know the ones – the ones that are rather more productive than mine!!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A tidy WOYWW!!

Yes, it’s Wednesday again so it must be time to show you all my desk!! Well, after last week’s horror I was determined to show you a rather more tidy desk this time around, in addition to which I have lots of incentive cos I have to clear the room sufficiently so that the fold up bed can actually be unfolded as the girls from the family are gathering for a spa weekend!!

As you can see – a relatively tidy desk that shows you that I was inspired by one of the other WOYWWers last week and remembered that I had some freestanding box shelves up in the attic so I fetched that down as soon as possible and filled ‘em up!  I also (FINALLY) got my hands on of those massive tape dispenser thingies (thanks to Kaz I got this cheaper than usual as she alerted me to the fact the website was having a sale!

Anyway…..if I swing the camera around behind me you can see the rather humungous shelving system that my Dad built for me (thanks Dad!)  While it was originally intended for books (my first love I have to admit) as you can see from the original photo over here on my other blog – it is gradually being taken over by my craft stuff.  (ha ha – I have just reread that original post and I am quite shocked at how bare and empty my desk is – what did I do before I began crafting!!!!)

It is a bit annoying to have to keep getting up from my desk if I need a stamp, but then I do the same when I go over to the filing cabinet for paper, or the paper cutter on top of said filing cabinet, or perhaps I have to stand to use my BigShot, so I am not actually sitting down ALL the time.  Are you guys the same – do you find that you keep popping up and down to cut, emboss, etc etc?

Ooh by the way, don’t forget that you can see all shapes and sizes of desks over at the Stamping Ground – do join us – there are more and more desks to peer at every week!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


friend pic 
This sweet blog award was given to me by Hayley of All Things Pink and Fluffy – thank you!  Now…what I have to do is list ten things that make me happy and then find five bloggers to pass this award on to!

So, in no particular order what makes me happy is….

**My family
**A gorgeous sunset
**Snuggling with my Phoebe cat
**My Nana’s ring sparkling on my finger
**A clear blue sky on a summer’s day
**Catching up with everybody on Facebook, twitter, google feedreader – everything!

Of course, I could keep going, but I only need list ten!!

And now I need to find five lovely bloggers to pass this on to and so I elect to pass it on to some of my fabulous followers who have managed to put up with me not blogging a great deal lately!!  (sorry – who knew that having followers would add to the pressure to blog!  ;-)  )  And they are…

Wipso at A Stitch in Time
KylieK at Kylie’s Kraft Room
Debbie at Little Dot of Creativity
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Michelle at Crafting and Living in Japan

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


It's no wonder I haven't made anything lately!! Look at the state of my desk!!! What you can see is that I've partially emptied my ribbon drawers in order to put some ribbon into a repurposed sweetie jar - perhaps I will use more ribbon because I can actually see what I've got!!

You can also see three tins of stickers and rubber stamps that I bought last week from this rather fabulous stationery shop in Oxford.

Don't forget to visit other WOYWW desks over at the stamping ground!!!

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Monday, 1 February 2010


Well, thank you to all you fabulous people that entered my blog candy.  Unfortunately there can only be one winner, and I am just about to email the winning person to let them know that they have won!!

And so.....drum-roll please, the winnah of this mah-vellous blog candy iiiiissssss.....

Go Canucks Go!! 

What a fabulous bloggy name!!  Go Canucks Go has a little blog called Crafty Creations - do go and visit!

Get in touch with me so that I can send you your candy!!