Tuesday, 9 February 2010


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This sweet blog award was given to me by Hayley of All Things Pink and Fluffy – thank you!  Now…what I have to do is list ten things that make me happy and then find five bloggers to pass this award on to!

So, in no particular order what makes me happy is….

**My family
**A gorgeous sunset
**Snuggling with my Phoebe cat
**My Nana’s ring sparkling on my finger
**A clear blue sky on a summer’s day
**Catching up with everybody on Facebook, twitter, google feedreader – everything!

Of course, I could keep going, but I only need list ten!!

And now I need to find five lovely bloggers to pass this on to and so I elect to pass it on to some of my fabulous followers who have managed to put up with me not blogging a great deal lately!!  (sorry – who knew that having followers would add to the pressure to blog!  ;-)  )  And they are…

Wipso at A Stitch in Time
KylieK at Kylie’s Kraft Room
Debbie at Little Dot of Creativity
Heike at My Creative Place
Michelle at Crafting and Living in Japan

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Wipso said...

Oh Sam thanks you so much. I have Twiglet here tonight while the men are at the footy. You have caused much hilarity by giving me this because I had a rather negative comment left me this week when I was given the Kreative Blogger award for the second time[do check it out :-)]. To some folk their cup is always half empty but mine is always half full thankfully. I feel so blessed to have made such lovely friends via our blogs. Thanks again. I will blog my 10 things that make me happy in the morning.
A x