Wednesday, 20 January 2010

My first WOYWW of the year!

At least I think that it is my first WOYWW of the year!!  I would have to check my archives to see if I did any after Christmas, but I get the strong feeling that I didn’t!  (go see more desks over at the Stamping Ground!)

Anyway, the above picture shows the glory of  my desk in it’s present state and it is, unfortunately, quite uninspirational! In fact, aside from Craft Club on Monday I have not, repeat not, made any cards since before Christmas!!

Whoops – I really must clear that desk and get going.  I did spend some money in the sales after all, so I do have goodies to play with.  I just don’t to be able to find the time!!!  I mean, if you take this week along, I have been at university these last three days which is intense enough, but then Monday evening I was at Craft Club, Tuesday evening I was at a Pampered Chef party (spent more money there too!) and tonight I was watching the ballet (Sleeping Beauty) with some friends.  So I think that I might just be excused for not having made anything lately – this weekend is quite free, as is Friday evening, so I think that I am just going to have to sit down at this desk and get the mojo going!!

P.S. I have some Bloggy Candy to give away to one lucky person, so do have a look at this post!!


Wipso said...

I have joined in a group started by MarmaladeRose called the 20 Minuters who have promised to do 20 minutes of a craft of any sort every day for a year. The aim is to do something/anything even if it's just to stitch in straight lines. The idea is it makes it a habit and inspiration then comes. I have to say I've not missed a day and the inspiration really does come. Give it a go...come and join in the fun.
A x

Julia Dunnit said...

Cor you are busy gal! Great view of the desk, that a whole reel of gold ribbon? No doubt you'll get going just as soon as you neeed the first card!

Anonymous said...

Lovely new stash on your desk, if you don't use it soon I'll be around to have a play! That's a busy life you're got there, but it all sounds like fun things.