Saturday, 28 February 2009


A few weeks ago I took part in One World One Heart on my main blog, and naturally I offered up sets of my cards for the giveaway. All the cards have now been posted and are on their way to people in the UK, America, and the Phillipines!! But, not to worry - I took photos - here is a selection of some of the ones I made.


The heart holding teddy was a freebie stamp from one of my card making magazines and I am really pleased with the way it looks, however, I am not so pleased with how badly I’ve lined up the punched holes with the eyelets – there must be a way of lining them up better! (Perhaps I am just not used to my crop-a-dile yet)


another orange card

I adore my two birthday wishes cards. It has taken me a while to figure out how to use patterned paper properly – I usually make very simple and clean cards, but need to more than that! Anyway, the patterned paper and button comes from my very first Stampin’ Up paper stash!! (Thanks Hayley!)

thank you

another thank you

I cannot remember where I first saw a similar card to the two above, but if I remember correctly they had the same embossed centre with a phrase in the middle. I just added a bit of detail by having a a flower to the side with a ribbon attached – I think that it looks just lovely (even if I say so myself!!)

So, you see, even if I have been the baddest blogger you’ve ever come across, I have been making cards!!

P.S. I am a right ninny!!! I have just had a look at a crop-a-dile tutorial (I love youtube!) and have found that the tool actually has moveable guides - d'oh!

Friday, 27 February 2009

Birthday Card

It’s my nephew’s fifth birthday on Sunday and so I have bought him two basic reading books that look a bit fun – The Giant Postman and The Perfect Monster. It was actually quite hard to pick out a couple of books at Borders that are suitable for a boy who is just starting to read by himself.

Anyway, the books have been posted, along with a birthday card of course. I just loved this peel-off cow sticker, and although I could have given it some funky colours it just didn’t seem right, so I have made it a black spotted cow.



Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I promise I am still here and still alive just not making many cards at the moment!!

I pinky swear that I will post some cards soon!!! ;-)

Saturday, 7 February 2009

A badge?!?

I meant to say something earlier but somehow clean forgot!! Clare left me a badge on her blog today! Look......!


I am quite sure I don't deserve this as I haven't made many cards lately! But hey....I like getting bloggy awards from bloggy friends! Thank you so much Clare!

Now, apparently what you are supposed to do with this one is pass it on to seven other bloggers that you like, so I am going to go blog-hunting.

And I want to pass this on to my precious followers (all four of them!! ;-))

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Bitty Dot Challenge

Capture the Moment is hosting a rather large Papertrey giveaway at the moment. In fact they are having a festival of celebrations at the moment with several giveaways over the last few days (and the coming few days!!)

I have not had much luck with the Papertrey giveaways at the moment, but that is probably because the powers that be KNOW that I am not actually making many cards at the moment!!

So...when I found the latest sketch challenge on Capture the Moment - (it's cool - you have to download a connect the dots thing in order to work out what the sketch is!!) - I decided that it was way past time to make a few cards!!


flowers 1


Those were the three cards that I threw together and I think that the only one I am not so keen on is the middle one as it needs more.....something. Anyhoo - if you'd like to put yourself in the running for what looks like the biggest stash of ribbon you'll ever see just go and visit Capture the Moment!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Blog Hop!

Hey - the Funky Fairies are having a blog hop for 24 hours where you can download some pretty papers and things!! Don't miss it, it ends at 9am tomorrow morning and if you are stuck at home with a snow day, then you should have time to do this!

Fortunately I am on a week's leave from work anyway - it is snowing here, but not enough to have a snow day!

Anyway...go and visit Hannah's Crafty Blog to get started on the Funky Fairy Love Train!!