Sunday, 31 January 2010

My very own Candy!

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I have been a bad blogger lately – I get these spells of not blogging at all and then I feel all guilty!! But never mind because I intend to get back to blogging and I am getting back in the best possible way, yes, that’s right, with my very own Candy!!

I have seen so much Candy out there offered by so  many beautiful bloggers and I have been fortunate enough to win some of it and so it is now my turn to spread the cheer!   I was going to wait until I had hit a particular milestone before offering my Candy, but then I thought “no, I can’t wait, cos otherwise I will be waiting forever”.

Anyway, if you would like to receive these lovely goodies all packaged up for you, just leave me a comment (ensuring I can contact you later if you win) and please spread the word!

Incidentally those Label Two Nesties were actually sent to me as part of a recent Spellbinders giveaway, but I’ve already got them so I am passing on the prize!!

The deadline is the 31st January (to be drawn 1st February) and if I find anything else I fancy, I might just chuck it in the box!!  ;-)  By the way - I am happy to post this parcel anywhere - so whereever you are, you might get a parcel!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Fun evening!!

Hayley (local Stampin’ Up gal!) put on a free card making evening to try and encourage people to find out a bit more about SU.  It was a packed hall with twenty people all wanting to make a few cards and meet like minded people.


I brought along a friend of mine and we had a good laugh making the cards in the photograph.  I think that my favourite is the pink cups card, but I also like the easel card with the house set, and then the blue birthday card would be great for a birthday boy and of course, the green and brown circles card is just funky!! heck – I like ‘em all!! ;-)


We were also given two lovely little freebies – a covered notebook and a wrapped bar of chocolate – now, of course the chocolate is a yummy treat (thanks Hayley!!) but I am more curious as to how it works!! But do I dare take it apart to see how it works!!?  Particularly as when you push the chocolate back down, the ribbon goes back down as well!!  There are some very clever people out there indeed!


In any case, I met up with some newly made craft friends, and made a few more tonight.  Don’t believe anyone that says that crafting is a lonely hobby – it really isn’t!!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter my blog candy – you have until the 31st January!!  And if you are really interested – have a look at my personal blog where you can find out about One World One Heart – a massive get-together of blogs all over the world – each us giving away a little something or two!!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

My first WOYWW of the year!

At least I think that it is my first WOYWW of the year!!  I would have to check my archives to see if I did any after Christmas, but I get the strong feeling that I didn’t!  (go see more desks over at the Stamping Ground!)

Anyway, the above picture shows the glory of  my desk in it’s present state and it is, unfortunately, quite uninspirational! In fact, aside from Craft Club on Monday I have not, repeat not, made any cards since before Christmas!!

Whoops – I really must clear that desk and get going.  I did spend some money in the sales after all, so I do have goodies to play with.  I just don’t to be able to find the time!!!  I mean, if you take this week along, I have been at university these last three days which is intense enough, but then Monday evening I was at Craft Club, Tuesday evening I was at a Pampered Chef party (spent more money there too!) and tonight I was watching the ballet (Sleeping Beauty) with some friends.  So I think that I might just be excused for not having made anything lately – this weekend is quite free, as is Friday evening, so I think that I am just going to have to sit down at this desk and get the mojo going!!

P.S. I have some Bloggy Candy to give away to one lucky person, so do have a look at this post!!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

One World One Heart

This is just a quick little post to say that I have posted about OWOH (aka One World One Heart) over at my other blog and as you are all crafty people I thought that you might just be interested!