Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Whoops….it’s Wednesday

And that means it’s WOYWW!!  I am rather late to this today but that cos I have a perfectly valid excuse (of course!) as I have been creating cards for tomorrows craft fair at work!! 

This evening I have been making cards other than Christmas ones as I got asked last year whether I had non-Christmas cards, so I thought that it would be good to have a small stash of cards completely unrelated to Christmas.  (unless you count the thank you cards I suppose….for after Christmas – ha ha!)

Anyway…..I think that I have said before that my desk was rather untidy (when it probably wasn’t all that bad), well I think that today takes the cake!  I have a little green mat where I am doing all the work and the mess just piles up at the side…well…see for yourself!


And the floor is slightly better – I want to show you – if only to show you where the cat is sleeping! (keeping me company – at least she’s not trying to jump on the desk like she was the other day.)


I have been slow in blogging this week, so I am  hoping that once the craft fair is over and the pressure is off a bit I will blog rather more!  Don’t forget that you can see more creative desks over at the Stamping Ground!


Julia Dunnit said...

Looks great to me - caught in full flow! We work just the same...pile it up around you before one big tidy up! You can't see on my desk,but the reindeer images you sent me are waiting to be glittered, will include them for your aproval...before christmas!! HOpe the craft fair goes well.

Wipso said...

That looks like one very busy craft desk. Brilliant.
A x

Nikki said...

Your Room looks Great My Cat does the same thing even worse when I'm trying to Blog he tries to steal heat by sleeping between my arms when I'm typing or tries to steal ribbons from me lol

Caroline said...

Your desk and workroom look just like mine - a work in progress isn't it!